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Brazos River Charter School offers sources and assistance for seniors who are looking to continuing their education. Below are a list of steps BRCS suggests each student follow if they are interested in going to college.

  1. Choose More Than One College
    • Remember that you have the power to choose which college you want to attend.
    • Research all available options. Gather information from multiple sources.
    • Allow yourself to have more than one choice of college. Do not narrow your options to only one college.
  2. Visit College Campuses
    • Visit college campuses if you can in order to get a personal understanding of life at that institution.
    • Take a tour of each campus.
    • Research the academic programs each institution offers.
    • Talk to an academic advisor at each school.
    • Verify the admission requirements for each college.
    • Determine the actual costs involved in going to the school and ask about financial aid.
  3. Fill out Applications for the College(s) of Your Choice
    • Apply to at least 3 colleges (don’t forget to notify colleges of your final decision)
    • You can download most college applications or use the Texas Common Application
    • Along with application, you will need to include the following:
      1. 3 Letters of Recommendation
      2. Resume
      3. Scholarship and/or Financial Aid Information
      4. Transcript
      5. Test Scores
      6. An Application Essay
        • Be sure to take your time when writing your application essay
        • Think of your essay is something you will want to read after college to see a snapshot of what you were like when you were 18
  4. Take or Retake Entrance Exams
  5. Start Applying Now
  6. Enjoy your senior year at BRCS! Do not overstress about getting into college and enjoy your time as a senior.

Follow these steps and get advice from family and friends in order to make the most informed decision possible.

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