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Brazos River Charter School employs innovative and comprehensive learning techniques to provide students with an individualized, focus-based education. Serving grades 9-12, Brazos River Charter School offers flexibility and convenience with multiple schedules per day. Scholars are encouraged to participate in morning or afternoon coursework affording them the ability to garner life skills outside of the traditional educational environment. Our motivated and experienced educators employ the latest project-based learning techniques and educational systems to motivate and nurture each scholar to achieve their highest potential.

Explore your future now with Brazos River Charter School.


BRCS has continued to work around the clock in order to prepare for our students to come back to school and get back to learning in the safest, most engaging environment possible. Our motto for the 2021-2022 school year will be “Make the Most of Today.” Starting last March, our country found itself navigating the challenging course set upon us by the Covid-19 pandemic. We have seen our schools and businesses shut down, and many have been fearful of what the future holds. Here at Brazos River Charter School, we want to learn from the past, look forward to the future, and most importantly – engage ourselves in the activities of TODAY, by being positive agents of whatever change comes our way. Please join us in rising to the challenge of encouraging rather than discouraging – building rather than destroying; Join us at BRCS, as we make the most of today, so that we can be better tomorrow.

Explore your future now with Brazos River Charter School.

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Brazos River Charter School provides students with the tools necessary to succeed. Find all the information you need in our Scholar Resources section.

Explore your future now with Brazos River Charter School.

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