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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Application Process?

An application must be completed in order to be considered for enrollment. Upon receiving the completed application, an interview will be set with the perspective student, parent, or guardian, and a Brazos River Charter School Administrator. If at that time a slot is available, a student may be admitted. If no slots are available, the student application will be placed in a lottery. When a slot becomes available, a student from the lottery will be drawn.

Download or fill out and print a Brazos River Charter School Application

What Is a Charter School?

In February of 1996, the Texas Legislature authorized the creation of state chartered schools. These are public schools required to meet state accredited requirements. Charter schools are designed and managed by concerned teachers, parents, administrations, and community members. Once the charter is created, it is submitted to the State Board of Education for approval. The charter is granted to a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. The non-profit organization governing our school is called Brazos River School. The board of Directors of BRCS is the governing body of the charter school, which implements the policies and procedures of the charter school. The school must conduct itself in agreement with its charter. Charter schools are accountable to the State Board of Education and are monitored by the Texas Education Agency to insure that they meet both state and federal guidelines. Many rules and regulations that apply to public schools have been removed from charter schools, yet with this freedom there is a great deal of fiscal and student academic accountability.

See more about Charter Schools: Texas Charter Schools Association

Do You Offer Transportation?

Brazos River Charter School DOES NOT offer transportation. The students are responsible for getting to school on time.

Do Students Earn a Diploma like a “Traditional” Public School?

Yes, a diploma I learned from Brazos River Charter School carries the same weight as the “traditional” Public Schools.

Does Brazos River Charter School Charge Tuition?

No, BRCS is a public school. However, Brazos River Charter School does not receive the same amount of state and local aid as the “traditional” public schools obtain. Therefore, donations are welcome and are 100% tax-deductible.